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Do you buy British Print?

With the huge amount of speculation surrounding the UK’s upcoming withdrawal from the European Union and how it will affect industry and supplies, it is only natural for our customers to be unsure of whether we can provide the same level of quality and service they have come to expect from us.

We print inside Great Britain and can ensure continuity of quality and service in these uncertain times, you can Buy British Print from us with confidence knowing your marketing literature will arrive on time and on budget!

  • Our Sales office is UK Based.
  • All our Production is UK Based.
  • All our staff are UK based.
  • All our Consumables and Paper Suppliers are UK based.


Buy British Print From AGC Print Solutions, Your print and direct marketing partner – here to support you!

Multiply your Marketing Effect by the Power of Three

There are many different ways to contact potential customers and make them aware of your products and services. But just telling them once through one channel is unlikely to deliver success.

For example, if you had a special offer to communicate you could do this via an email. a leaflet or maybe through a direct phone call. Any one of these is unlikely to work by itself, but you can multiply your conversion rate by the power of three by using all these techniques in a planned campaign.

Producing a personalised letter or flyer with special offers or your latest products is a great way to grab the attention of you clients or prospects, make sure you supply as much of your company contact information as possible along with plenty of images and a representation for your brand (if your budget allows why not brand your envelopes as well).  By using your customer’s data you can send this information with a personal touch, which they will respond to much better to than a generic message.  Accompany your letter with a personalised email and finally follow up with a call to check if they have received your mailings and see if any of the information provided is relevant to them.

Talk to AGC about multiplying your marketing effect by incorporating direct mail into your mix. We can handle fulfilment as well as print and get you discounts on the postage.

For advice and information call Alan or Charlotte now on 01159390888 or alternatively email us at

Hot Business Topic - Data Protection

Are you ready for the GDPR?


Data Protection is this month’s hot topic and a must for most businesses that hold personal information on, or for their clients in this age of ecommerce, shared business information and digital communication. 

The data Protection Act 1988 requires every organisation that processes personal information to register with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), unless exempt whether you are the ‘controller’ or ‘processor’ of the Data.  Failure to do this is a criminal offence.  So if you hold or use data for your clients this is essential.  If you think you should be registered and aren’t follow this link to the ICO

As of the 25th of May 2018 the law will be changing and a new regulation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be put in place to unify data protection in Europe.  Guide can be found on the ICO website


The main principles will be as follows and could make it very difficult for small business to adhere to:

  • You will need documentation to prove compliance with the GDPR i.e. proof of security and consent to hold their data.
  • Appoint a member of your business as a Data Protection Officer.
  • You will need to prove a legal basis to hold any personal data.
  • You will need to ensure all data is protected i.e. passwords for digital files and locked cabinets for paper documentation.
  • All records must be up-to-date.
  • Proven consent for all records must be held.

 The most difficult aspect to the GDPR will be customer and prospect consent.  Each must give consent for you to use their details to contact them, so by the 25th of May 2018 all customers and prospects need to have given you written consent (for documentation purposes) in order for you to hold their information.  This will mean either deleting/destroying all client and prospect data and starting from scratch or emailing/mailing each individual with a link of some description for their consent.   As a business we hold email, phone and address records as an integral part of communication with our clients and all this information can usually be found on their websites as part of the public domain, so does this mean consent?  It seems like opt-in boxes will be required on all website communications to gain consent to reply.

 This Blog only scratches the surface of Data Protection Disclosure and when visiting the ICO website it is constantly being updated, a living document so to speak, so how do we make sure as a business we are legally doing our duty?  It seems at this stage in the game the best thing to do is to adhere to what rules are possible as full compliance almost seems impossible.

 For more guidance please visit the Information Commissioner's Office at

Soft touch whispers quality

When you meet someone for the first time you subconsciously make judgements about them in the first 30 seconds. Without realising it you will judge them based on not just what they say but the information from your other senses - their appearance, scent, accent, and touch. For touch, that may be what kind of handshake they give you - when you hand over your business card it’s the feel of the card that adds to the impression of the quality of you and your company. A business card is a personal extension of your brand and with your name on it of you personally. If you want to be taken seriously as a top quality company or are representing a luxury brand and you hand out a thin, poorly printed business card it will jar with the impression you are trying to give. 

AGC has been offering a new-style soft touch laminate to prestige clients for a while. This is an extra smooth laminate that adds a luxurious feel to the card. And now we have a special offer for cards printed in April.

Free Upgrade to the premium feel for business cards

This month, we are offering a free upgrade from matt to soft touch laminated cards. For all our cards we use a top quality 450gsm base stock - adding this soft touch laminate makes your card 550gsm thick. That’s seriously good.

For advice and information on your future Business Card orders call Alan or Charlotte now on 01159390888 or alternatively email us at

Stock-up and Save

With the tax year fast-approaching it’s a great time to think ahead. 

Ordering your printed business stationery in bulk can save you a great deal of money over the business year.  For example with AGC Print Solutions 500 Double sided standard Business cards can be as little as 10% more than 250 cards, 5000 120gsm Luxury Letterheads are just 50% more than 1000, and you can really save on the more costly items like presentation Folders when buying in bulk. 

By Purchasing items that you know you will need in the next 6 – 12 months you will save on this year’s tax bill – and relieve the pressure on next years budget.

How are your stocks of business Stationery?

If you are getting low on Letterheads, have limited Labels or are short of Compliment slips, call us and we’ll give you a competitive quote to stock up.

And if you’ve got some sales presentations coming up, we can print eye-catching, professional folders for you.


Click on the Quality Litho link on our Home Page for more information or for advice on how to update your Business Stationery call Alan or Charlotte now on 0115 9987 388 or email us at for a quote.

Free Buyer's Guide

Ever felt confused when a printer talks to you about Litho or Digital, CMYK or RGB, bleed or even coated/uncoated stock?  Ordering print can be a tricky business.  It can be difficult to know exactly what you are ordering as there are so many variables to contend with.  You need to think about design layout, quantity, page count, size, stock weight, print processes, duplex or simplex; finishing etc.… not including if this will fit into your Company budget.

Well, now you can read the new AGC Buyer’s Guide to Printing and Direct Mailing and learn all you need to know to ensure you understand the answers - and why they are important.

This comprehensive, ten page, reference guide will also tell you how to save money on your print and which is bigger, A5 or A6?

To get your copy click here PRINT BUYER'S GUIDE DOWNLOAD.

For advice and information on your future print projects call Alan or Charlotte now on 01159390888 or alternatively email us at

Kick Start the New Year

Have you started planning your 2018 Marketing Campaign yet?

With Christmas just around the corner 2018 will be on the doorstep before you know it, so are you ready to kick start the New Year with a Marketing Campaign?

Most of you will already have Business Branded Christmas cards in the pipeline for this festive period (a marketing must) and this year we have gone that extra mile and had personalised wrapping paper printed for our clients gifts but by January 2018 Christmas will be a distant memory, so how do you make sure you are in the forefront of your customers minds on a daily basis next year?  

Business Branded Desk Calendars.

This large manufacturer and distributor of fluid fittings based in Leicester have these handy A5 Wire Desk Calendars printed every year for their customers which promote their business, products, and contact details.

Not only are Desk Calendars a useful tool for your customer they Promote your Company all year round and the next time your client is ready to place an order the first thing they will see on their desk is your Business Branding.

There is still time to get your Business branded Desk Calendars printed and sent out with your Christmas Cards, or print early January to mail out to your clients as your first marketing hit for 2018.

Considering your Calendar will be marketing your business for the next 365 days this promotional item is extremely cost effective and a great way to Kick Start your 2018 marketing campaign.

For advice on how to kick start your 2018 marketing campaigns call Alan or Charlotte now on 0115 939 0888 or alternatively email us at

Goodwill Marketing

Christmas is just around the corner and one of the busiest times for the print industry so it is never to early to think about your festive marketing projects.

 In an age dominated by technology most of us communicate generally with our customers through Email, Social Media and the Web,  so during this festive period why not reach out to your customers with Marketing materials that not only emphasise your brand but display that they are an important part of your business and you are thankful for their custom.

Business Branded Christmas Cards are a great way to emphasise your company values and give your client that seasonal feeling of goodwill.  You can design your card to reflect your company image, add your own seasonal greeting as well as thanking them for their custom, you can also add signitures of your clients relevant contacts to give a real personal touch.


Why not also prepare yourself for 2018 with branded Desk Pads or Wallplanners.  They could send them out with your Christmas Cards or delivered as a gift in the New Year, who doesn’t love a freebie.  These are a Marketing Gift that keeps on giving, dispalaying your Company logo to your clients all year round.

We can not only help you with print solutions for your festive marketing but with mailing too, saving on postage bills.

Christmas will be here before you know it so don’t delay and start thinking about how you want your Business to mark the Occasion.

For advice on how to get into the Festive Printing Spirit call Alan or Charlotte now on 01159390888 or alternatively email us at

The ONE and Only

Choose an Innovative mailing Solution

Have you a new product you want to show off to your clients, need to convey a message or a revolutionary concept to shout about?  How do you get in touch?