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SHOW Your Brand

When it comes to show signage your exhibition stand needs to grab attention, get your message across and scream your brand, it needs to entice prospective customers away from your competitors.  It is very important to involve as many visually strong signs, colours and visual indicators as possible to make sure your stand is eye-catching and represents what you are trying to sell. 


Here at AGC print solutions we can help you to create a display that will have prospective customers flocking to your stand.  Depending on the size of your exhibition area we can print Roller Pull-Up Banners, Backing Panels, Stand signs and Stand frontage.   We can also help you with the giveaways, promotional branded items such as mugs, pens, posters, flyers, bags etc. are always a draw, and everyone loves a freebie.   

Signage has been used throughout the ages to send a message visually and to grab attention.  Around Roman times terracotta was used to create signs with carved images.  After the Dark ages establishments that sold Ale had to hang large signs to indicate this and as we moved in to the 17th and 18th century signage became more and more ornate carved from Iron and embellished in gold leaf.

Today technology has advanced so much that visually anything can be achieved to make sure your business stands out from the crowd.   Show signage is a great example of this, a fantastic way to communicate your brand especially if you are within an exhibition setting.  The more eye catching and representational your stand the more interest you will achieve.

Talk to AGC Print Solutions about SHOWING your Brand, for advice and information contact Alan or Charlotte through the AGC Print Website or alternatively email us at