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Soft touch whispers quality

When you meet someone for the first time you subconsciously make judgements about them in the first 30 seconds. Without realising it you will judge them based on not just what they say but the information from your other senses - their appearance, scent, accent, and touch. For touch, that may be what kind of handshake they give you - when you hand over your business card it’s the feel of the card that adds to the impression of the quality of you and your company. A business card is a personal extension of your brand and with your name on it of you personally. If you want to be taken seriously as a top quality company or are representing a luxury brand and you hand out a thin, poorly printed business card it will jar with the impression you are trying to give. 

AGC has been offering a new-style soft touch laminate to prestige clients for a while. This is an extra smooth laminate that adds a luxurious feel to the card. And now we have a special offer for cards printed in April.

Free Upgrade to the premium feel for business cards

This month, we are offering a free upgrade from matt to soft touch laminated cards. For all our cards we use a top quality 450gsm base stock - adding this soft touch laminate makes your card 550gsm thick. That’s seriously good.

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